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About Endicott Communications

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About Endicott
Endicott Comm Inc was established in October of 2007. We are supported by developers who are committed to the Answering Service and Contact Center industry and to delivering what we promise. The purchase of smaller answering services comprises the company that Endicott has become. Along with the answering service came the expertise of the managers with many combined years of service expertise. Client referrals as a result of quality, and our company energy are among our proudest claims. Endicott believes in maintaining the expectations of our clients and providing the robust service expected in this day and age of technology. Since 2007 locations have been remodeled and technically advanced.

Our management team is comprised of individuals with years of experience in managing customer service oriented requirements. Our flat management structure allows for fast and effective decision-making that ensures a timely response to any requested adjustments in service, answers to questions, and problem solution.

Medical Clients
Endicott and its family of service centers are all HIPAA Compliant and re-certified annually. In addition, all staff members are required to participate in a HIPAA training program and are re-certified annually.

Customer Service
Our agents are required to complete a rigorous in-house training program which includes telephone etiquette, problem resolution and escalation, while conforming to client-based instructions regarding how phone and other client interactions are to be delivered and managed.

Sales & Marketing
Our experienced and knowledgeable sales staff will assist you in developing tailored communications and customer support solutions that are specific to you requirements.

Working in concert with the service center that form Endicott, we bring deep levels of Answering Services and Contact Center Services experience to our clients. Endicott’s approach is to provide a client specific solutions that incorporate the right mix of people and technology to ensure the highest level of service.

Our technical staff has experience in all facets of telecommunications including telephone, paging, cellular, two-way radio, videoconferencing, internet, application integration, and networking. The technical staff is available 24/7 to ensure rapid problem resolution.