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Crisis Hotlines

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Answering services that support crisis hotlines require a special touch.

Our Crisis Hotline agents are pre-screened for the personality traits needed for the sensitive nature of these calls and are professionally trained on the various situations they may face.

Based on your specific guidelines and protocols, Endicott agents are able to classify the urgency of each call and route the call to your on-call staff and other emergency services. Our agents follow scripts we jointly develop to assist our agents to evaluate each situation and to support next step decisions in the crisis escalations. Our agents are trained to ensure they are fully prepared to properly triage your incoming calls.

Our agents will:

  • Collect the caller’s contact information
  • Collect clinical data
  • Capture information regarding the immediate situation
  • Summarize and send referral to appropriate office
  • Manage follow-ups based on your protocols

These inbound calls typically require immediate assistance. In these cases, our agents will follow your guidelines that may require contacting your on-call staff members, law enforcement, emergency medical services, or others you designate to address the caller’s specific situation. All call data is fully documented by our agents and is accessible to you.

Our agents are available 24/7/365 to manage your inbound crisis calls. We tailor our services to your specific call support requirements. Our agents can be available to answer your inbound crisis calls during your regular business hours, after-hours, on holidays, during those times when your staff is not available to handle inbound calls (off-site or group meetings), and during weather or other emergencies.

Utilize your staff efficiently and wisely. Contact us at (800) 947-3227 to learn how we will support your crisis hotline operations. We offer trained and experienced agents for the most sensitive crisis hotline environments.