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Direct Response

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Credit CardTV, radio, print, and/or web advertising to market your individual products or services are excellent methods for generating new sales and market awareness. When consumers are motivated to your marketing, it’s vitally important that you have employees in place to answer these calls. Often times the call patterns are unpredictable and arrive in high volume for short periods of time, which makes it difficult to staff internally. We have a solution that will save you time and money!

You need skilled agents who can answer these calls professionally to close the sale, or gather the appropriate information for your marketing efforts. Our reporting package will provide you with the granular insight necessary to maximize your marketing dollars.

When you need an answering service for sales leads, we are your solution—the Endicott companies are experienced at delivering direct marketing response and lead capture services that generate sales conversions or capture information leading to future sales. We plan our staffing around your advertising calendar to ensure you never miss a sales opportunity. Our agents are trained to encourage callers to order products and services. We offer the best answering services in existence, effectively using product knowledge to overcome objections and use every opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell.

Endicott’s agents will help you to qualify and convert those inbound calls into qualified leads or sales. For your marketing campaigns, our agents will manage:

  • Inbound calls that result from your ads
  • Inbound capture of caller details – outbound reply on next steps
  • Flag contacts as “urgent” based on the call scripting
  • Send follow-up emails

Endicott can support your local or national TV, radio, web, Internet, or print advertising campaigns. Our solution allows your key personnel to focus on their roles and positions within your organization, rather than being tied to a high volume of incoming calls. We pride ourselves on providing the best answering services for businesses of every size and scope.

Contact us today at (800) 947-3227 to learn how Endicott’s services can help you maximize the return on your marketing efforts.