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Medical Supply Companies

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By utilizing a medical answering service, medical offices can guarantee their patients that they are a well-equipped and responsive medical equipment supplier that supports their patients’ care requirements. This will further solidify their role as an important link in the healthcare chain. Suppliers of medical equipment, hospitals and clinics depend on their services for a variety of healthcare related items. A patient’s comfort, dignity, and even life, can often depend on that supplier’s ability to deliver the right products in a timely manner.

It’s critical for medical equipment suppliers to maintain a strong connection between their companies, patients, and healthcare providers. A missed call or a call that sits in voicemail could lead to serious consequences for patients and your company.

Endicott offers 24/7/365 answering services that ensure you receive calls regardless of the time of day or night. Using your specific guidelines, Endicott will forward your calls and follow your instructions for call resolution. Interactions with callers are recorded and can be retrieved when needed.

Endicott’s skilled agents will handle each call professionally, courteously, and quickly. We’ll enhance your relationships with patients, hospitals, physicians, clinics, and hospice or other home healthcare providers. They’ll know they can reach you and receive a timely response regardless of the time of day. If there’s a need for equipment, operational questions about a piece of equipment, or equipment repair issues our agents will collect all of the details needed based on the scripting we jointly develop. We have detailed reporting available so you can easily view or analyze your callers’ needs.

Endicott agents are your ideal answering service for medical equipment, troubleshooting, or making orders for dispatch as needed. Our agents can validate caller information via your web-based order entry system, CRM, or data file you provide to process the order just as if we were in your office.

Endicott puts you in a great sales position with patients, who after being released from hospital care, require medical equipment to be placed in their home. The patient can place the order prior to being released and have the equipment delivered within a specific timeframe. Items like nebulizers, oxygen canisters, walkers, and monitoring devices can be waiting for the patient, upon returning home.

Endicott has experience in delivering communication services for medical device suppliers for more than fifteen years and would welcome a discussion with you. It’s cost-effective to work with us and it is a certain method for ensuring important calls do not go unanswered. Call us today at (800) 947-3227 for a no cost no obligation discussion regarding your patient and vendor needs.