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Tier 1 Technical support

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Support TechnicianAt Endicott, we understand the absolute need for 24/7/365 support for your company’s products and services. Our agents are trained to deliver the high level of support services your customers have come to expect from you. Endicott agents are professionals and are able to support your help desk when it comes to Tier 1 technical inquiries.

Endicott’s Tier 1 Technical Support agents support multiple customer channels that can include phone, email and live chat. Our agents are guided by scripts and FAQs that are developed with you ensuring each customer receives accurate, reliable, and consistent support services every time they contact you.

At the Tier 1 level, our agents collect customer information, determine the nature of their call, analyze the issues based on customer responses, determine the nature of the problem, and guide the customer to a successful resolution. By following the script guidelines our agents often diagnose the problem and suggest specific remedies during the customer’s first call.

If a customer call is more complex and requires escalation, your technical support teams are notified and sent all pertinent information regarding the call, alleviating time and frustration for both your technician and customer.

Contact us today at (800 947-3227 to discuss your Tier 1 level customer Support needs. We will be happy to consult with you about the best approach for supporting your organization.