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Bilingual Translation Services (English/Spanish, Multilingual)

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The United States is a language diverse country. Spanish is often the dominant language in several communities. It’s very likely a significant portion of your client base speaks a language other than English as their language of first choice. What do you do for your customers who are not thoroughly fluent in English? When they phone you with a customer service request, what is your response?

Why not provide your bilingual customer base with the phone services they deserve. It’s good for your business and is an excellent way to build customer loyalty.

Endicott offers fluent Spanish speaking agents who can perform the important task of communicating with your customers in their native language and removing the language barriers that stand between you and your customers. They will appreciate it and the potential outcome is increased customer loyalty and improved bottom-line results.

Bilingual communication is an absolute for business success in several US consumer markets. Bilingual businesses are able to market their services in places where other businesses have difficulty. Endicott’s bilingual agents can help to remove the barriers your business faces when attempting to reach a more language diverse customer base.

According to the US Census bureau, 45 million people within the United States use Spanish as their first language. Endicott can help your business reach and support this important consumer demographic. We can provide live chat, email and phone interaction support!

Endicott has supported hundreds of clients across a variety of industries with language services. The Endicott team will work with you to produce call scripting and formulate FAQs required to guide our agents when communicating with your customers. We will offer the same high level of customer support for your English and Spanish speaking customers.

Don’t limit the reach of your business because you lack the language skills. Contact Endicott today at (800) 947-3227 and learn how our language services can support your customer service operations.