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Environmental and Energy Initiatives

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Environmental and Energy InitiativesGoing “green” is becoming a priority for many industries and communities around the country. The push for recycling and reusing products that typically end up in landfills is a growing nationwide initiative. Most owners of commercial real estate buildings are actively pursuing LEEDS (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. Major corporations have entire divisions with goals to recycle as close to 100% of the byproducts of their manufacturing process as possible.

Government agencies dealing with environmental issues and energy policy are sponsoring initiatives to conserve energy, encourage recycling, and preserve our natural resources. What do all of these things have to do with contact center services? More than you might imagine.

Endicott is there for your utility answering service to respond to customer inquiries, requests for literature, and provide emergency dispatch support. When situations like power outages, water quality or availability issues, sewer, flooding, downed power lines, downed trees, damaged roadways, hazardous materials accidents, or citizen complaints about toxic sites, etc., we’re there with a human presence to lend support. Our agents can be there to handle the entire communications issue or provide services as an overflow or on an after-hours basis.

Endicott has a national presence when it comes to supporting environmentally conscience manufacturers and real estate companies, alternative energy companies, traditional energy producers, and utility companies. We’re there to support our clients 24/7/365 with a variety of communication services that include voice, live chat, email management, text messaging, fax services, and customer support services.

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