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Lead Generation

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Having a constant flow of leads is important for any business. If a lead fails to flow to a sales team, it becomes a lost sales opportunity. How you’re setup to communicate with prospective customers is vitally important for lead generation. Striking the right tone when prospects contact your company is the starting point for lead generation or lost opportunities.

Keeping professional lines of communication, whether by phone, email, chat, etc., is an important step for customer acquisitions. Improving your communications can certainly bring in new customer relationships and help you to revive opportunities you may have categorized as lost.

Endicott’s agents are skilled in selling and communication techniques. Our agents become a reflection of your company and sales development strategy. Not only do our agents provide a professional face to your prospective customers, they have the ability to overcome objections, concisely present your products or service, discuss pricing, and process orders.

How We Capture Sales Leads For You

We learn about your product or service. Our agents internalize the scripts we jointly develop to the point where they are not script readers but conversational lead generators. Endicott agents are trained in lead capture and the principles of qualifying, up-selling, and cross-selling.

When prospective customers call your company, our lead generation team will skillfully follow the intake and qualification scripts developed to meet your needs. Once the lead is qualified, our agents can transfer it to you or process the order directly.

If prospective customers require outbound communications, and your expectation is for us to reach out to prospective customers on your behalf, our lead generation team can use prospecting lists you provide or purchase lists that fit the sales target.

For several clients we handle their inbound calls, qualify the opportunity, take the order, and process the payment.

This is what Endicott will deliver for you:

  • Set appointments
  • Reactivate sales opportunities thought to be lost
  • Qualify all inquiries
  • Create a file that captures every contact detail
  • Immediately follow-up on the contacts made at trade shows and seminars
  • Process orders

Effective advertising and lead generation is critical to your company’s success. Make every lead count. Place your lead generation in the hands of experienced professionals. Call us today at (800) 947-3227 to review to lead generation needs. We’ll share our successful approach.