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Endicott Call Centers can support you with customer satisfaction surveys that provide insights into customer satisfaction issues and customer perceptions of your company. Services from Endicott can be an essential part of engaging with your customers around issues important to them – about you!

How well do you know your customers? Do you have a good sense of how they view your company, your brands, or services? Are they truly satisfied with your products or services? In today’s competitive landscape, customers have a strong voice in the social media environment. Companies that make the effort to understand their customers are in the best position to build loyalty and promote positive brand recognition.

Customers have more buying options than ever. The Internet has opened purchasing choices that were not available just a couple of years ago. And with the use of product and service rating and reviews growing in popularity, understanding your customers and building loyalty has never been more urgent. Reviews can have an immediate impact on your bottom-line results.

Customer Satisfaction and Research

Endicott’s surveys will deliver measurable insights regarding product issues, customer support issues, quality, and business impacting concerns. It’s possible your survey results will point to opportunities for process improvements, products enhancements, or even new market opportunities you never considered.

Endicott offers expertise in multiple survey methodologies including NPS (Net Promoter Score). Our methods are geared toward producing active engagement and dialog with your customers.

We’ll analyze your report, provide insights into key areas, and provide these results in the format and delivery method you prefer.

Contact Endicott today to learn about our customer satisfaction and research surveys. Reach us today at (800) 947-3227 to review our approach and learn how surveying your customers can help build your brand.

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