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Different Types of Call Center Agents

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different types of call center agents

Dedicated vs Shared Agents

Call Center Agents – Different Models

Make an informed decision as to whether a dedicated or shared agent model is best for your outsourced customer support services. Be certain you’re comparing apples to apples! Cost is not the only factor to consider when trying to decide between different types of call center agents.

A number of issues are involved in deciding whether a shared vs. dedicated agent environment is your best option, and Endicott will guide you through the maze of considerations. Here are some general guidelines.

Dedicated agents are available to work solely on your account.  If for instance you’ve outsourced customer care processes like order processing, healthcare member services, helpdesk, or others where call volumes can be high, and call center agents really need to be a complete extension of your organization, having dedicated agents is what Endicott would logically recommend. Dedicated agents will be trained to become thoroughly knowledgeable of your business processes and if selling is involved, quickly recognize opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling.  Dedicated agents function as if they were your actual employee resource. Dedicated agents are paid by the hour for their services.

The shared agent model is usually recommended when a client has a less predictable call volume, or experiences seasonality with their call patterns, or for clients that already have a call center partner but needs overflow services associated with peak call periods. Rest assured shared agents are fully trained on your requirements and know where to quickly locate the answers needed and support your customers in the way you require. With shared agents you pay for the time used to support your program.

Endicott consults with you to implement the best support options for your customers. We’ll explore whether a shared environment or a dedicated pool of agents is best for you and your customers. We offer broad experience with both shared and dedicated customer support environments and will tailor our approach just for you.