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Does my organization need live chat?

Online retailers have learned something about live answering services that everyone from soccer moms to college students, as well as your own business associates and customers, have known for years: having a live chat to resolve issues is easy, convenient, and immediate. It is a proven tool for customer service shown to increase sales conversions, reduce abandonment of shopping carts, and improve customer loyalty.


Why should you consider implementing live chat for your website? Here are some industry insights for you to consider. Live chat:

  • Reduces handling costs by a minimum of 25%.
  • Resolves most issues during a chat session.
Live Chat
  • Improves customer satisfaction—customers participating in live chat report 85-90% satisfaction rate.
  • Promotes customer loyalty when it comes to resolving customer service issues.
  • Reduces abandonment—57% drop in shopping cart abandonment rate when customers have access to live chat.
  • Increases average order size up to 35% by offering up-sells that complement the customer’s order during a live chat.

Live chat is an excellent tool for any business. It presents your customers with immediate online access to a person who can address their issues or help them buy from you. Chat implementation on your website is easy. Endicott Call Center's live chat agents are available to support your online visitors 24/7/365.

Endicott uses technologies that allow us to engage with the shopper or customer needing support when certain actions are initiated during their visit to your website. Using real-time visitor shopping insights, Endicott agents will know the best options to present to the shopper or customer needing assistance. Our live agents are available to influence the outcome of the sale, or help the visitor navigate to a successful resolution.

Offering chat services to your customers will result in an improvement in bottom-line performance and customer satisfaction. Immediacy matters to your customers and potential customers. Why give visitors to your website a reason to visit your competitor. Engage with them using live chat services from Endicott.

Give us a call at (800) 947-3227 to learn more about the benefits of partnering with an experienced answering service like Endicott. We’ll be happy to provide our industry insights.

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