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Privacy Statement

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Endicott is supremely concerned about maintaining the privacy of corporate information we acquire during the normal course of business and the security and privacy of any information that identifies individuals personally in the data we collect or receive.

This privacy statement details Endicott’s treatment of corporate and personal identification information gathered as a result of sharing of business strategies and proprietary corporate information and the gathering of personal information of individuals on behalf of clients. This information  can be but is not limited to the following formats;  paper or electronic documents, emails, surveys, newsletters, social media content, requests for information, requests for proposals, order processing for clients, order forms, or any other area that could reference this privacy form. Endicott provides full disclosure about the information it gathers and how it is used.

Endicott uses the information we gather as a means to enhance our service deliverables and client relationships and does not sell, transfer, distribute, or make available in any form information about the companies or people we support without their written consent.

With today’s “hackers” placing personal information at risk and making it available online, Endicott takes major steps towards preventing these attacks based on a variety of technologies.

Endicott does reserve the right to change this privacy policy from time to time in order to address business issues, changes in technologies, or evolving technologies, or changes in privacy regulations. When changes are made to this privacy policy we will post in this privacy policy location for review. Changes can occur without notice so clients are urged refer back to this privacy policy section from time-to-time.