At Endicott we completely understand the vital role we play in delivering reliable and accurate communications and customer support services to your customers. This is the reason we strive to support our clients professionally; with just the right level of empathy; and with the highest level of accuracy. Our agents are available 24/7/365 to provide customer care services you deserve and expect.

Endicott agents are thoroughly trained to handle all aspects of the client interactions. They know how to respond to your customers based on the scripting we jointly develop and perfect.

Our technology is designed to limit the time your customers wait on hold. If a situation arises where all agents assigned to your account are too busy responding to customer issues, we play customized messages that inform your customer and let them know where they are in the on-hold queue. Once our agent answers your customer, they do not place them on hold again to answer other calls. This not only helps to improve customer satisfaction, it also improves the accuracy of the agent’s response by eliminating the confusion causes by starting and stopping conversations and requiring the caller to begin again describing their issues.

To help insure accuracy and consistency, our agents are monitored and coached as needed by Team Leads that help to assure their responses conform to your expectations. In addition to Team Leads Supervisors, Quality Managers review the daily performance of agents against the standards jointly created by you and us. If issues are found, Endicott is committed to making the changes necessary to meet service levels and accuracy standards

Our agent monitoring allows us to be proactive managers of your account. By observing and coaching our agents we can evaluate performance in the exact moments they’re supporting your customers. Real-time monitoring provides us with insights into ways we can enhance and improve each client interaction. All of this leads to more accurate support levels for each client.

Accuracy is critical when interacting with your customers. Endicott pays attention to the details of each customer interaction.