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Availability – Call Center Business Continuity

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Downtime is costly for any business! If you’re planning to outsource aspects of your customer communications to a call center, remember one thing–all call centers are not created equal. When selecting a call center partner you certainly need to know they can deliver the services you require, but you also need to know how reliable their services will be. In the event of a natural disaster, man made disaster, extreme weather conditions, power outage, network outage, or hardware failure, your business continuity is crucial. Do you have redundancy so your operations can continue to run in spite of these circumstances?

Endicott has invested in a technical infrastructure that will provide you with resiliency, high availability, redundancy, and business continuity. All of our locations are networked and integrated. In the case of unexpected system disruptions and/or network failure:

  • Automated Call Distribution (ACD) – IP phones will automatically re-register with a secondary controller on our network. The secondary controller will seamlessly continue receiving and sending calls. All in-process call interactions are maintained without disruption and can continue without manual intervention.
  • Parallel Processing – allows for multiple servers on the network to run in parallel so in the event of a system failure, there is an automatic failover to secondary servers if the primaries fail.
  • Redundant Collocated Hardware – In addition to the redundant controllers/servers on our network, a full set of servers has been deployed in Santa Ana, CA should our primary data center in New Jersey be unavailable.

Endicott’s technical architecture is designed to support you and your clients 24/7/365 and prevent downtime and other disruptions to your business. Downtime leads to a loss of agent productivity, mishandled or lost customer transactions, and a negative hit to your business reputation. All of these can certainly contribute to bottom-line loses for your organization.

Be certain you understand the terms “high availability” and “disaster recovery”. Although these terms are often used interchangeably, they are not the same.

High availability will facilitate your organization’s operational continuity during the discovery and recovery from hardware or software component failures within our network of systems. These failures can include server or network component loss and application failures.

Disaster recovery enables business operations to continue after a natural or man-made disaster – i.e. an earthquake, storms, wildfires, or power grid outage that shuts down an entire data center and causes a system to become unavailable. Endicott offers you protection for both!

With high availability and disaster recovery services from Endicott you will:

  • Be able to process new customer support requests during a disaster or system failure
  • Be assured that all queued transactions will be processed
  • Not lose interactions in process during system interruptions
  • Have access to digital records on transactions in process
  • Receive transactional reporting even if a system failure is experienced

Endicott is there to support the high availability of the services you outsource to us. Our infrastructure will be a real asset to your organization. Call us to discuss your contact center requirements. Our team looks forward to sharing how we can provide you with business continuity solutions.