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Message Delivery and Automation

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Organizations are often faced with the need to communicate effectively when natural disasters or manmade emergencies strike. The ability to reach people and organizations in a timely manner is critical to public safety.

Until now, many of these message delivery systems that enable rapid communications across a variety of platforms (phone, text, email…) required investments in hardware, software, and technical personnel for overall business continuity and full redundancy.

To ensure your business flow is not interrupted, our automated message delivery system sends immediate phone messages, text messages, and email notifications to subscribers. We maintain a log of all calls, text messages, and email activity for your review.

In addition, when placing automated calls, our auto dialer detects a ‘no answer’ or a busy signal, and can be configured to call back again at pre-selected intervals.

Our automated messaging system is software based and is scalable to accommodate a small group, or thousands within a short period of time. We are able to promptly distribute messages to mobile devices, paging systems, answering machines, land lines, and other communication devices as needed.

Automated messaging benefits all industries in various ways. Here are some examples:

iStock_000003268538SmallPublic Safety

  • Emergency notifications
  • Weather alerts
  • Evacuations
  • Hazardous material sites
  • Severe traffic conditions


  • Campus wide alerts
  • Closing days
  • Evacuations
  • Parent communications for emergencies and events


  • Special events
  • Re-routing of traffic patterns
  • New construction zones
  • Utility issues

Healthcare Providers

  • Appointment reminders
  • Health tips
  • Public health warnings
  • Special services offered – limited screenings

Public Affairs

  • Consumer product warnings
  • Product recalls
  • Service reminders

Financial Services Industry

  • Breach and FAQ Service line
  • Business alerts


  • Ticket availability
  • Event cancellations
  • Discount airline/hotel packages

At the Endicott family of companies, innovation around client support services drives our vision. Contact us today to discuss the advantages of automated messaging for your organization. This technology could prove very beneficial to your organization.