Startel Appointment Setting

Startel Appointment Setting
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In the healthcare industry alone, missed and open appointments cost U.S. providers $150 billion annually. The problem is magnified significantly when you consider the lost revenue other sectors such as utility groups, hospitality companies and enrollment services experience due to canceled appointments and no-shows.  Chasing down customers to make arrangements, coordinating schedules and sending reminders can also drain limited employee resources.


Customer-Centered Booking Software

Customer-Centered Booking Software

Startel has developed one of the smartest booking systems in the answering service industry. Endicott leverages the infrastructure provided by the Startel Appointment Scheduler (SAS) & Reminder software to give our clients a cost-effective service that increases customer satisfaction and ensures a steady revenue stream from repeat clients.

When you partner with Endicott, you are assured that every customer who calls to book an appointment is always greeted quickly by a friendly voice and helpful attitude. The SAS software routes customers on their first call to a booking agent. The agent promptly adds, modifies or cancels a reservation with a single click. Through our web-based solutions, your customers also have 24/7 access to the scheduling software so that they can securely book appointments from a mobile phone, tablet or computer. Since the user-friendly interface is designed for quick scheduling, customers are able to easily filter by providers, appointment types and available time slots.

After booking an appointment, customers automatically receive an email confirmation for their records and email reminders leading up to the appointment. Your organization can fully customize its delivery settings. You can specify dates and times for sending out reminders or adjusting the frequency to stay in closer contact with customers who have a history of not showing up.

Deliver a strong positive customer experience at the time of booking. You will set the tone for future interactions and strengthen your reputation as a trustworthy provider.


Increased In-House Efficiency

Increased In-House Efficiency

BPO clients who transfer their appointment setting and reminder tasks into the hands of Endicott’s professional customer service agents experience a noticeable gain in front-office efficiency and back-office productivity. This is because your in-house employees are able to concentrate on their primary duties. They can focus on delivering great service to visiting clients instead of having confirmations, reschedules and cancellations derail that focus.

Endicott’s appointment setting clients have access to a comprehensive suite of tools in the SAS dashboard. The user-friendly navigational tabs guide you through straightforward site admin tools, personalized settings, calendars, appointments and scheduling. SAS operates as an invisible extension of your business. You can request private labeling on the software. You can change the look and feel of the site by adjusting customizable skins. Your company also sets access parameters by managing employee roles. The software generates detailed event logs that track all user activity within the system.

One of SAS’s most outstanding features is its ability to customize the scheduling process for each client’s needs. You determine how many appointments to schedule per day, hour, appointment type or provider. The SAS scheduler even integrates with your front-office software as well as syncs up with each provider’s personal Google Calendar. Providers can quickly review their day’s schedule. They can also easily block out meetings, surgeries or vacation time right from their personal appointment books.

Another one of our favorite features is the SAS software’s capacity to organize, track and update customer contact information. During each call, Endicott’s booking agents verify contact details to guarantee that you have an accurate address book. The data is easily imported into a .CSV file for integration with other applications.


Contact an Endicott answering services specialist at (800) 947-3227  to discuss out how the Startel Appointment Setting & Reminder platform can help retain loyal customers and boost office productivity.