Veterinary Answering Service

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Veterinary Answering Service

As a veterinarian, your day-to-day workflow can be a bit unpredictable. Some days go according to schedule, while other days are hectic and full of emergencies. When you’re performing surgeries and making house calls, there’s no way you can answer the phone. And unfortunately, animals get injured or sick outside of office hours, and you want to make sure you’re always available for urgent situations.

If you want to provide better care to your clients while also saving time, there’s a solution. Get a professional, affordable veterinary answering service from Endicott Comm. With our veterinary answering service, you’ll gain access to reliable virtual receptionists who are knowledgeable about the veterinary field. Your clients will never have to “leave a message after the beep.” Keep your clients happy and your patients healthy with help from Endicott Comm!

Veterinary Answering service

Be Available 24/7, 365

You want to be constantly available, but you also need some time off. With Endicott Comm, you can have both! We’ll screen your calls to make sure you’re never wasting your time with wrong numbers. When a client calls, our helpful and courteous live agents will answer immediately. Using your guidelines, they will collect information from the client. If it’s an emergency situation (such as an injured or severely ill pet), we will get in touch with you immediately. That way, you can speak with the client or rush to the clinic to meet them. If it’s not an emergency, our agents can answer the client’s questions, schedule an appointment for them, or take a message.

More Than Just a Veterinary Answering Service

We’re always here to answer the phone for you, but that’s not all! We can also call clients to ask about patient progress, schedule follow-up visits, and more. This service can also allow you to monitor patient recovery after-hours. Does your veterinary practice use other channels of communication? No problem! We can also handle live chat, emails, web forms, and text messaging. Whenever we schedule appointments or make changes to your calendar, we’ll input them directly into your system so that you have real-time access to your schedule.

The Easiest Way to Outsource Your Call Answering

You can use your current phone number or add a toll-free number, making it easy for your clients to reach a live agent. We’ll also work with you to create scripts and FAQs for our agents to follow. Our agents understand how to prioritize calls. We’ll maintain communication with you so that we always know which Veterinary Practitioner is on call for after-hours emergencies. Our veterinary answering service agents can contact you and your on-call team by phone, email, text message, page, and/or fax.

Veterinary Answering Service with Flexible Options

We’ll work with you to meet the unique needs of your practice. Here are some common veterinary answering service options.

  • After-Hours Answering Services

With after-hours answering, we can be available during nights, weekends, and holidays when you and your staff are out of the office.

  • Round-the-Clock Answering Services

With 24/7 answering services, you’ll never have to worry about missing a phone call. We can either route the call to you (if you’re available) or take a message so you can respond later if needed.

The Benefits of a Veterinary Answering Service

When we’re here to answer every phone call, you can devote all your energy to providing the best care to your patients. Whether you’re doing routine checkups, making farm calls, performing surgeries, or even taking some much-needed time off, your Endicott agent will always be here to communicate with your clients. Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Answer phone and email inquiries about your services and specialities
  • Provide information about the insurance plans your practice accepts
  • Collect intake information
  • Discuss patient sheltering and monitoring
  • If you travel to your patients, we can organize the details of the visit
  • Summarize acceptable payment options and timeframes for payment
  • Schedule appointments in real time
  • Route urgent calls based on your guidelines and protocols
  • Follow your scripts and guidelines when responding to callers
  • Available 24/7/365 to support your practice
  • Excellent virtual receptionist service for a fraction of the cost of adding in-office staff
  • Take detailed notes of every call so you don’t miss a thing


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